Property Management Services

Thank you for the interest you have shown in our Property Management Services.  North Georgia Rentals and Lodge would like to help you maximize your investment property and talk with you personally regarding your cabin.  While every property and owner is unique, there are several important factors to consider when making the decision to place your cabin on a rental program.  The following information will help you make the important decision about which management company will serve you best...we hope you will choose North Georgia Rentals and Lodge!

North Georgia Rentals and Lodge - North Georgia Rentals and Lodge and our sister company, Cabin Rentals of Helen, Sautee, and Lake Burton, has been a popular company since opening in 2004.  Our experience is invaluable in the process of managing your investment cabin successfully.  Working together with our homeowners, we develop a plan that will greatly exceed your expectations for the overnight lodging business.

Our Staff - Our customer service and reservation staff is friendly, professional and responsible.  We have a full-time maintenance and inspection crew.  Our maintenance crew participates in day-to-day customer service needs and deals with many different kinds of long-term maintenance issues.  Since many of our property owners live a distance away, we look after our properties as if they were our own.

Our Customers - Repeat business is very important in the rental industry, so we strive to be receptive and attentive to all of our customers' needs.  Many of our customers book our cabins multiple times, which increases your profit and makes our job easier.  We believe our customers are some of the best in the business, couples and families who value your cabin as much as you do and are grateful you have chosen to share your mountain home with them.

Marketing - North Georgia Rentals and Lodge has an excellent marketing staff that specializes in user-friendly websites.  Internet marketing is an extremely competitive and complex aspect of our business.  Creating a website that is a quick, easy and convenient way to locate the perfect mountain cabin is one of the most important services we provide.  We work tirelessly to compete in all major search engines.